Endre Skandfer

Endre Skandfer

Animator and illustrator, Endre Skandfer is a young veteran within the Norwegian animation industry with over 15 years experience from the biggest production studios. He has directed several short films, commercials, commission films and music videos, as well as the children's TV-series ”Ku-toppen”.  “Dunder” is his most ambitious project. Skandfer have been heavily involved from start to finish, incorporating his vision in every stage of the production. 

Dunder (2016)

“DUNDER”, 2016. Animated short film for children
"LØVEKVINNEN”: 2012. Historic feature film involving lots of VFX and SFX, live-action."
“ALBERT ÅBERG”: 2011. Designer, exterior locations.  
“THE FLYING MACHINE”: 2010.Stop-motion film based on Chopin's music (released 2011). Produced by the Academy Award winning Breaktru and Hugh Welchman
“ELIAS OG HAVETS GULL”: 2010. Head character designer, environment designer and concept artist. Animated CGI feature film.
“EL TANGO”: 2009. Director, writer, designer, art-director. Animated commisioned short CGI film for the LUXO company. Nominated for best Nordic/Baltic commissioned film at Fredrikstad International Animation Festival 2010.
“SKYLAPPJENTA”: 2008-2009 Production designer, concept and story artist, mattepainter. Short film, combined techniques. Awarded best short film at Bergen International Film Festival 2009.
“MAX MANUS”: 2008. Designer. Live action feature film. One of the most price grossing and popular films in Norway
”KURT TURNS EVIL”: 2003-2007. Art director, story artist and sculptor. Animated CGI feature film. Awarded best family film 2008 by Norwegian cinemas.
”CATTLE HILL”: (2005-2007) Art director, director (5 episodes) and writer (1 episode). Animated TV series (13 episodes in total).
“SUBSTITUTE”: 2006 Director, Art director and animator. Partially 2D animated music video for Norwegian rock band El Caco. 
“PITBULLTERJE”: 2005. Storyboard artist. Partially stop motion animated feature. Awarded Amanda for Best Children's or Youth Film, 2006.
”CAPTAIN SABERTOOTH”: 2001-2003. Supervising storyboard artist, character designer and supervisor. Animated 2D feature film.
“GUGGEN – DU STORE GAUDA!”: 2000-2001. Director of animation, animator, layouts, background painter. Animated 2D short film
“MIND THE GAP”: 1999-2003. Writer, director, animator, art director and more. Animated 2D short film. Nominated for best short film at Tromsø International Film Festival.