Antti Heikki Pesonen

Antti Heikki Pesonen
Born in 1982 in the outskirts of Helsinki, Antti Heikki Pesonen spent much time alone as a teenager. He found in literature, films, video games the perfect forms of escapism and secretly started to toy with the idea of becoming a filmmaker. After several odd jobs to pay the bills, he entered the ELO Helsinki Film School. His graduation film So it Goes won a total of eight international awards this year including the prestigious Risto Jarva Prize Special Prize in Tampere. The director’s 8 minute film Say Yes and Dance also screened at Locarno’s short film programme in 2012.
Mixing social realism with dead pan comedy - an art mastered by Aki Kaurismäki, Pesonen is determined to carve his own artistic path. "Finnish cinema is known for its tongue and cheek humour. But for me, comedy mostly comes from honesty.When making films, you have to decide from which window you want to see the world and your vision has to be honest, not manufactured."

Say Yes and Dance (2012)
Korsoteoria (So It Goes), 2012
Tsägäateria (Meal with a Deal), 2011
Onnelliset läskit (Happy fatties), scriptwriter, 2010
Henkisesti läski (Mentally Fat), 2008