Kristoffer Rus

Kristoffer Rus

After finishing inter-arts studies at Lund University and later film school in Stockholm, Kristoffer Rus started to work as an editor and cameraman for TV 4 in Sweden. At the same time he was writing scripts and directing shorts. The short film „The Apple tree” (produced by Lars Jönsson, Memfis Film) was awarded and recognized at film festivals like Cannes, Marrakech and Palm Springs.

In 2007, Kristoffer decided to go back to his Slavic roots. He got enrolled at Wajda School (before known as Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing) where he developed and later shot a film called „Street feeling”. The film is a part of the new Decalogue where 10 young promising directors have been chosen to deal with the old moral questions by modern means of storytelling. „Street feeling” also works as a standalone film and has already been screened and awarded at several international film festivals. Kristoffer is currently working both in Sweden and in Poland. He directs a TV-show about film, aired on Polish national television. He has recently been granted funds for his new film „The naturals”. Currently Kristoffer is working on his feature film debut called „Masakra profana”.


Street Feeling – 2009, Short Film
(Official Selection: 57. San Sebastian Film Festival)

The Apple Tree – 2003, Short Film
(Critics Week Cannes 2003
Audience Award: Gothenburg Film-Festival 2003
Winner: Palm Springs Film Festival 2003)

The Last Round – 2002, Short Film
Smiling Faces – 2001, Short Film
Red On White – 2000, Short Film