Dominga Sotomayor, Chile, Argentina, 2014

Type: Drama, Live Action, Feature Film
Prod. Year: 2014
Running Time: 60 min.
Language: Spanish
Production Company: Frutacine, Cinestacion
Country: Chile, Argentina
Type of material:

​Martin goes on vacation to the Villa Gesell, Argentina, with his girlfriend. They drive his mother’s car not knowing that she didn’t leave them the car’s papers. Although the standstill of the couple’s relationship is in the air, summer days go by lazily in the hostel and on the beach. Then, Martin’s mother arrives with the documents and breaks the couple’s intimacy and exposes Martin’s fragility. Now he is stuck playing the roles of a son and a man in front of the two women. The mother also hides the real purpose of her visit and Martin confronts her about it. In the midst of conflict, a lightning strikes nearby and takes the lives of four young people on holidays. This real event confronts the protagonists’ situation with questions about life and death.


(...) the story that seems to unfold effortlessly teaches a few lessons about making fiction and making cinema. (...) Argentina is the homeland of Jose Luis Borges, the author who spent his life probing the nature of fiction. Sotomayor, making her own film with her own team, is also walking in his footsteps.