Natt til 17

Directed by Eirik Svensson
Norway | 2014 | 83 min | youth drama | Norwegian, Somali

Sam and Amir, two 15 year-olds with an immigrant background, have known each other all their lives and are closer than brothers. Sam has fallen for the beautiful Norwegian girl Thea, who is Amir’s ex-girlfriend. He knows he has to tell his friend, but doesn’t know how. When he finally finds the courage to confess, Amir’s reaction is far worse than he could ever have imagined. The night before the Norwegian Day of Liberation becomes the most important night in the friends’ life. Can Sam and Amir forgive each other or is this the end of their friendship?

Cast & Crew

Director: Eirik Svensson
Screenplay: Sebastian Torn Grenwartin
Cinematography: Karl Erik Brøndbo
Editing: Karsten Meinich
Cast: Samakab Omar, Mohammed Alghoul, Thea Sofie Loch Næss, Burhan Ahmed, Torkel Dommersnes Soldal, Kann Kozanli
Producers: Moa Liljedahl (Maipo Film), Synnøve Hørsdal (Maipo Film)

  • Eirik Svensson
    Eirik Svensson

Festivals & Awards
Giffoni Film Festival
Nordic Film Days Lübeck
Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience – Fair Play Award
Göteborg International Film Festival
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Transilvania International Film Festival

press quotes

The Fair Play Jury awards the film, which takes up the problems of adolescents and authentically pictures them, a film which raises questions and has us think about our own behaviour and shows us how to live our lives – or perhaps not. We think Eirik Svensson’s “One night in Oslo” realizes these criteria best of all the films we have seen. It is the story of Sam and Amir’s friendship, which has to overcome numerous obstacles and is thus seriously tested. We came to see that friendship does not mean blind obedience but that it is rather based on honesty, even if the truth may hurt. (…) I would love to have a friend like Sam who always stands by me, who defends me and who cares about how I feel.
Explanation for Fair Play Award

Eirik Svensson

Eirik Svensson, born in 1983, belongs to a brand new generation of Norwegian directors. He graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2010 with internationally acclaimed short film called FRIDAY. Before that he has attended film school in Finland – Lillehammer University College (LUC) where he met Jyrki Väisänen, with whom he co-wrote and directed the short LIFE WORTH LIVING. In 2013 he made his feature film debut called MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE. ONE NIGHT IN OSLO is his second feature film.

2014 One Night In Oslo, feature
2012 Must Have Been Love, feature
2010 Friday, short
2006 Life Worth Living, short