Latest Acquisitions
"Gordon & Paddy" by Linda Hambäck
"Loveling" by Gustavo Pizzi
"Disappearance" by Ali Asgari


We are proud to announce that our recent acquisition CRADLE by Devon Manney is shortlisted for 2018's The Academy's Awards. 


Synopsis: After losing both arms overseas, a young veteran faces a new set of battles upon returning to the USA. He not only has to learn to live with prosthetics, but must also adjust to excruciating phantom limb pain, vivid memories of his pre war life, a post 9/11 world that feels increasingly alienating –– all creating a barrier between him and his wife and infant daughter.




Gordon & Paddy selected to Berlinale Generation! December 19th, 2017 13:13

Our upcoming family detective animation - GORDON & PADDY directed by Linda Hambäck has been selected to compete at prestigious Berlinale Generation's KPlus competiton! 


It’s a story of the forest’s police chief Gordon, who is about to retire and needs to find a new assistant. Paddy, a clever mouse with a great sense of smell seems to be the right candidate. Together they have to solve Gordon’s last case – the mystery of squirrel’s missing nuts.

The film features voices of Stellan Skarsgård (Good Will Hunting, Mamma Mia, Borg/McEnroe), Melinda Kinnaman (Modus) and comedian Felix Herngren (who penned The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared).

Gordon & Paddy is produced by LEE Film’s Linda Hambäck and Lina Jonsson. in coproduction with Film i Väst and SVT, with support from the Swedish Film Institute (commissioners Baker Karim and Calle Marthin), Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Creative Europe, YLE and TriArt Film, which will also releases the film in Scandinavia. 


The film is written by Janne Vierth based on Ulf Nilssons and Gitte Spees books about superintendent Gordon already published in Sweden, Germany, UK, Poland, China, Turkey, the Netherlands, South Korea and Russia. The film was animated by Dockhus Animation and music composed by Martin Landquist. 


Sundance-selected BENZINHO / LOVELING joins New Europe's catalogue! December 7th, 2017 11:21

We are happy to introduce our latest acquisition - Gustavo Pizzi’s Brazil/Uruguay drama LOVELING (BENZINHO), recently selected as the opening film of Sundance’s World Dramatic Competition.


The film is a story of Irene, who lives on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. When her teenage son is offered to play handball professionally in Germany, she has only a few days to overcome her anxiety and regain her inner confidence before sending him out into the world.


LOVELING is the second film by Gustavo Pizzi after his SXSW-selected CRAFT (RISCADO). It is written by the director together with Karine Teles (known for the popular 2015 Sundance film SECOND MOTHER), who also plays the main role of Irene. The film also stars established Brazilian actors Adriana Esteves, who plays her sister Sonia, and Otavio Muller as Irene’s husband Klaus. The cast is completed by the popular Uruguayan actor Cesar Troncoso.


LOVELING was produced by Tatiana Leite at Bubbles Project (which recently produced PENDULAR, FIPRESCI award at Berlinale Panorama 2017) and coproduced by Rodrigo Letier, Agustina Chiarino and Fernando Epstein. Coproduction companies were TvZero, Mutante Cine, Baleia Filmes, Canal Brasil and Telecine.


PITY to make a World Premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival November 30th, 2017 00:33

We’re proud to announce that our Greek-Polish black comedy PITY by Babis Makridis will debut at the prestigious World Dramatic Competition of Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.


PITY is the director’s follow-up to 2012 Sundance selection L. It is co-written by Makridis and Yorgos Lanthimos’ screenwriting collaborator Efthimis Filippou (Dogtooth, The Killing of a Sacred Deer). The film tells a story of a man who feels happy only when he is unhappy, a man addicted to sadness, who has such need for pity, he’s willing to do everything to evoke it from others. This is the life of a man in a world not cruel enough for him.


The films is a Greek-Polish co-production between Neda Film, Faliro House, Madants, Beben Films, Orka, Foss Productions with the support of Onasis Foundation, EURIMAGES Fund of The Council of Europe, ERT SA, Greek Film Centre and Polish Film Institute.




Three New Europe's films join Oscar race September 22nd, 2017 12:39

We are proud to announce that three films from our 2017's line-up are national candidates for annual Academy Awards. 
Croatia submitted QUIT STARING AT MY PLATE by Hana Jusić, which premiered in 2016 at Venice Days. Spain picked up SUMMER 1993 by Carla Simón - double Berlinale's winner (Generation Grand Prix, Best First Feature) and the film will be released in North America by Oscilloscope. Icelandic Film Academy voted for UNDER THE TREE by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, which is handled by Magnolia Picuteres in North America. 
To check avabilities for all titles above - please contact us at

NEFS at Venice Film Festival and TIFF - screenings August 25th, 2017 20:23

2 films represented by New Europe will have their World Premieres at Venice Film Festival's Orizzonti Competition and 4 titles will celebrate their North American premieres at TIFF. 


NEFS's Venice/TIFF line-up and screening schedule:


Under The Tree - tragicomedy from producer of RAMS and the director of Either Way (remade as PRINCE AVALANCHE).


Venice screenings:

30/08 at 8:00 PM (Sala Volpi) - Press&Industry
30/08 at 10:15 PM (Sala Casino) - Press&Industry
31/08 at 2:00 PM (Sala Darsena) - Public
01/09 at 1:15 PM (Palabiennale) - Public

TIFF screenings:

09/10 at 4:15 PM (Scotiabank 7) - Press&Industry
09/11 at 9:45 PM (Scotiabank 4) - Public
09/13 at 6:45 PM (Scotiabank 14) - Public
09/15 at 11:45 AM (Scotibank 13) - Public

DISAPPEARANCE - highly anticipated first feature film from award-winning Iranian auteur Ali Asgari will have its North American premiere at TIFF few days after the World Premiere at Venice Film Festival's Orizzonti Competition


Venice Film Festival's screenings:
02/09 at 9:30 AM (Sala Pasinetti) - Private screening
07/09 at 7:45 PM (Sala Casino) - Press&Industry
08/09 at 2:00 PM (Sala Darsena) 
09/09 at 1:00 PM (Palabiennale) 

TIFF's screenings:
10/09 at 2:30 PM (Scotiabank 9) - Press&Industry
11/09 at 9:30 PM (Jackman Hall) 
13/09 at 9:00 AM (TIFF Bell Lightbox 3)
14/09 at 8:45 PM (Scotiabank 6) - Press&Industry
17/09 at 9:00 PM (Scotiabank 9)

SCAFFOLDING - a moving debut from writer-director Matan Yair, premiered at Cannes' L'ACID and big winner of Jerusalem Film Festival. Last week the film was nominated for 8 Israeli Oscars.


TIFF's screenings:
08/09 at 9:30 AM (TIFF Bell Lightbox 7) - Buyers priority 
09/09 at 9:15 PM (Scotiabank 8) - Press&Industry
12/09 at 9:00 PM (Scotiabank 11) 
14/09 at 4:30 PM (TIFF Bell Lightbox)
17/09 at 12:30 PM (Scotiabank 14)

WINTER BROTHERS  Hlynur Palmason short film "7 Boats" premiered in Toronto and now he returns to Canada with exceptional and powerful debut "Winter Brothers", which scored 4 prizes at Locarno Festival including best actor (Elliott Crosset Hove)


TIFF's screenings:
09/09 at 9:00 PM (Scotiabank 6) - Press&Industry
11/09 at 7:30 PM (TIFF Bell Lightbox 4) 
13/09 at 9:30 AM (TIFF Bell Lightbox 7) - Buyers priority
13/09 at 9:30 PM (Jackman Hall)
16/09 at 9:30 AM (Scotiabank 8)


NEFS films in Venice Official Selection 2017 July 28th, 2017 14:52

We are happy to announce two world premieres in Venice Official Selection - ORIZZONTI COMPETITION for our films. 

Icelandic urban satire UNDER THE TREE by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson (PARIS OF THE NORTH, EITHER WAY) and a powerful Iranian debut DISAPPEARANCE by Ali Asgari, whose short films had been screened in Cannes and Venice official selection. 

UNDER THE TREE, 2017 produced by Netop Films (Iceland), Profile Pictures (Denmark), Madants (Poland) and One Two Films (Germany)

Agnes throws Atli out and does not want him to see their daughter Ása anymore. He moves in with his parents, who are involved in a bitter dispute over their big and beautiful tree that casts a shadow on the neighbours’ deck. As Atli fights for the right to see his daughter, the dispute with the neighbours intensifies – property is damaged, pets mysteriously go missing, security cameras are being installed and there is a rumor that the neighbor was seen with a chainsaw.

DISAPPEARANCE, 2017 produced by Three Garden Films, Taat Productions with a support of Doha Film Institute. 

In the course of one cold night in Teheran, two young lovers go from hospital to hospital in search of help. Soon they will have to face the tragic consequences of their youthful naivety



Winter Brothers selected to Locarno's main competition July 14th, 2017 11:32

We're very proud to announce that our recent acquisiton Winter Brothers / Vinterbrødre by Hlynur Pálmason will have its world premiere as an opening film of Locarno Festival's main competition!


Hlynur Pálmason marks his directorial debut on the project and also wrote the screenplay. His 2014 short film Seven Boats premiered at TIFF.


Synopsis: A brother odyssey set in a worker environment during a cold winter. We follow two brothers, their routines, habits, rituals and a violent feud that erupts between them and another family. A lack of love story, focusing on the younger brother Emil and his need for being loved and desired.

Winter Brothers is a Danish-Icelandic co-production between Masterplan Pictures and Join Motion Pictures. Julie Waltersdorph Hansen was a producer on the project and Per Damgaard Hansen was an executive producer.


Cannes 2017 - Line-Up May 17th, 2017 06:24

In Cannes, we will present a powerful Israeli drama SCAFFOLDING (Cannes ACID Selection), Berlinale Best First Feature SUMMER 1993 sold to multiple territories and winner of multiple prizes already and an absurd, warm, human Israeli comedy HOLY AIR, which was one of the highlights of Tribeca FF.
HOLY AIR // WED // 17 May 16:00 // Palais E
SUMMER 1993 // THU // 18 May 09:30 // Palais B
SCAFFOLDING // SUN // 21 May 18:00 // Palais E
SCAFFOLDING // TUE // 23 May 12:00 // Palais I
SAT // 20 May 11:00 // Studio 13 (premiere)
SAT // 20 May 20:00 // Arcades 1
SAT // 20 May 22:30 // Arcades 2
WED // 24 May 14:00 // Alexandre III
TUE // 23 May 14:00 // Raimu
WED // 24 May 11:00 // Alexandre III
THU // 25 May 09:00 // Studio 13
New Europe will also introduce emerging talents with shorts selected in all Cannes section: Qiu Yang’s A GENTLE NIGHT will compete for Palme D’Or at official short film competition, Slovak/Czech student film ATLANTIS, 2003 by Michal Blasko selected to Cinefondation competition, Swedish animated musical THE BURDEN by Niki Lindroth von Bahr will feature at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs shorts selection and THE BEST FIREWORKS EVER - Polish short film entry to Semaine de la Critique by Aleksandra Terpińska will complete New Europe's short film slate.

Scaffolding selected to ACID in Cannes April 21st, 2017 11:51

Our recent acquisition "Scaffolding" by Matain Yair is selected to Cannes ACID selection


Written and directed by Matan Yair, the film follows a 17-year-old ASHER has always been the impulsive troublemaker at school. While his strict father sees him as a natural successor to his scaffolding business, Asher forges a special connection with his literature teacher Rami and begins to see new possibilities for himself. That is, until an unexpected tragedy occurs, and changes everything.


Scaffolding was produced by Gal Greenspan and Roi Kurland of Green Productions in coproduction with Stanislaw Dziedzic of Film Produkcja and United King.

SCAFFOLDING // SUN // 21 May 18:00 // Palais E
SCAFFOLDING // TUE // 23 May 12:00 // Palais I
SAT // 20 May 11:00 // Studio 13 (premiere)
SAT // 20 May 20:00 // Arcades 1
SAT // 20 May 22:30 // Arcades 2
WED // 24 May 14:00 // Alexandre III

Holy Air selected for International Narrative Competition at Tribeca Film Festival March 2nd, 2017 21:24

We are proud to announce that “Holy Air”, directed by Shady Srour will world-premiere at the Tribeca International Film Festival in New York (April 19-30, 2017) in the World Narrative Competition.


Set in the Arab Christian community in Nazareth, “Holy Air” is a story of Adam and Lamia, who are members of this vanishing minority in the Holy Land. When Lamia gets pregnant, Adam decides it’s time to make it big and provide for his family by entering the biggest local business – religion. He begins to sell bottled holy air to tourists.


Written and directed by actor Shady Srour (known for Oscar-nominated short film "Ave Maria", among others), the film was produced by Ilan Moskovitch’s Tree M Productions and Srour’s own Cinema Virgin with the support of the Israeli Film Fund and Gesher  Film Fund. It stars Srour and French actress Laetitia Eido in the main roles.


The film participated in Cannes L’Atelier in 2013 and the 2016 work in progress session at Sarajevo FF.


The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff and since then became one of the top film events in the United States. Previous winners of the World Narrative Competition include Let the Right One In by Tomas Alfredson,  About Elly by Asghar Farhadi, Zero Motivation by Talya Lavie and Virgin Mountain by Dagur Kári.


SING wins Oscars for Best Live Action Short Film! February 27th, 2017 09:01

We are so proud to represent the film and congratulation to the team! The award also mark first Oscar for New Europe Film Sales! 


SING is ased on a true story, it follows an award-winning school choir and the new girl in class facing a tough choice: to stand up against a corrupt system – or to fit quietly into it.






SUMMER 1993 wins two prizes at Berlinale! February 21st, 2017 08:24

SUMMER 1993 scored two awards at the last Berlinale - International Jury Grand Prix at Generation side-bar and GWFF Best First Feature Award among films from all festival's sections! 


The film also created a buzz at the European Film Market and Pyramide has taken French rights, Filmarti Turkish rights, Cinemien picked the film up for Benelux and Hugoeast for China. Madrid-based Avalon co-produced and will release the film in Spanish theatres. 



<<A delicately crafted, moving filmic memoir. A talent to watch. A thoughtful and moving family portrait.>>
The Hollywood Reporter
<<Authentic and memorable.Authentic and memorable. Much more than just a period-set rites of passage film. It's perception that gives Summer 1993 its strength, helping it become much more than just a period-set rites of passage film.>>
Screen International


SING is nominated for Oscars 2017! February 1st, 2017 14:30

We are proud to share the news that our Hungarian short film SING is nominated in Short Film (Live Action) category for Oscars 2017! Congratulations to the director Kristof Deak and the team!

Synopsis: Zsofi is struggling to fit in at her new school – singing in the school's famous choir is her only consolation, but the choir director may not be the inspirational teacher everyone thinks she is. It will take Zsofi and her new friend Liza to uncover the cruel truth. Sing is a childhood drama with a lot of music set in 1990s post-socialist Budapest, Hungary.

You can watch the trailer here: 



SUMMER 1993 to have a world premiere at Berlinale! January 14th, 2017 12:46

Our recent acquisition "Summer 1993" by Carla Simón is selected to Berlinale Generation KPlus competition. 

Set in 1993, the film focuses on the six years old Frida, who faces the first summer with her new adoptive family in the Catalan province following the death of her parents. Before the season is over, the girl has to learn to cope with her emotions and her parents have to learn to love her as their own daughter. 

The film is a co-production between Barcelona-based Inicia Film, Madrid-based Avalon, which will also distribute the film in Spain and Les Contes Modernes in France.

The project was developed at Berlinale Script Station, Ekran program in Poland, Sources 2 in Barcelona and won the SGAE screenwriting fund. It was also presented at the Low Budget Film Forum in Les Arcs, Premiers Plans Atelier, Berlinale Co-Production Market and won the first prize in Holland Film Meetings in 2015. 


NEW ACQUISITION - Oscars' shortlister SING December 16th, 2016 13:59

We are proude to announce our recent acquisition - 2017's The Academy's Oscars shortlister Mindenki - Sing by Kristof Deák from Hungary in our short films catalogue! 


The film is about Zsofi who is struggling to fit in at her new school – singing in the school’s famous choir is her only consolation, but the choir director may not be the inspirational teacher everyone thinks she is. It will take Zsofi and her new friend Liza to uncover the cruel truth.



‘Sing’ is a childhood drama with a lot of music set in 1990s post-socialist Budapest, Hungary. Based on a true story, it follows an award-winning school choir and the new girl in class facing a tough choice: to stand up against a corrupt system – or to fit quietly into it.



Welcome to New Europe Film Sales family!


Screenings at Busan International Film Festival October 6th, 2016 09:42

Four titles picked up by New Europe this year have their Asian Premieres at Busan International Film Festival. 



FRI    OCT 7     10:00     //   MEGABOX HAEUNDAE 6  (PREMIERE)
SUN  OCT 9    10:00    //    CGV CENTUM CITY 2
TUE   OCT 13  13:00  //     LOTTE CINEMA CENTUM CITY 3


SAT  OCT 8TH   15:30    //    SOHYANG THEATER CENTUM CITY                
MON OCT 12TH 10:00  //    CGV CENTUM CITY 4  


SUN  OCT 9    12:30   //   LOTTE CINEMA CENTUM CITY 4  


SAT    OCT 8TH  10:00      //  CGV CENTUM CITY 6 ( PREMIERE)
WED  OCT 12TH  20:00  //    CGV CENTUM CITY 7


SUN  OCT 9TH  12:30  //  LOTTE CINEMA 7

Our team in Busan:

Katarzyna Siniarska
+48 698 900 936





THE LAST FAMILY & UNITED STATES OF LOVE win top awards at Gdynia FF September 26th, 2016 14:04

We are happy to announce that last weekend Jury of the Polish film festival - 41st Gdynia Film Festival headed by Lenny Abrahamson awarded THE LAST FAMILY and UNITED STATES OF LOVE with 10 main awards including THE GRAND PRIX "GOLDEN LIONS" for the BEST FILM awarded to THE LAST FAMILY and BEST DIRECTOR for Tomasz Wasilewski & UNITED STATES OF LOVE.  

THE LAST FAMILY will have a 200 screen release in Poland on September 29th. 



- The Grand Prix "Golden Lion" for the Best Film
- Best Actress (Aleksandra Konieczna)
- Best Actor (Andrzej Seweryn)
- Audience Award
- Press Award




- Best Director (Tomasz Wasilewski)
- Best Editing (Beata Walentowska)
- Best Supporting Actor (Łukasz Simlat)
- Best Supporting Actress (Dorota Kolak)
- Best Costume Design (Monika Kaleta)



PORTO and ZOOLOGY at San Sebastian FF September 12th, 2016 09:30

We are happy to announce that our newly acquitred title "PORTO" by Gabe Klinger as well as "ZOOLOGY" by Ivan I. Tverdovsky are going to have it's Spanish premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival.

PORTO a feature debut by Gabe Klinger starring Anton Yelchin and Lucie Lucas is a story about two outsiders (Jake and Mato) 
in the Portuguese city of Porto who once experienced a brief but intimate connection. Film executive produced by Jim Jarmush is already sold to to German-speaking Europe (MFA+) and Brazil (Fenix Filmes).

Screening dates in San Sebastian:


19.09  MON   16:00  Principal (press & industry)
19.09  MON   21:30  Kursaal 2
20.09  TUE    09:30  Kursaal 2
21.09  WED   20:30  Principe 7 



21.09  WED   22:30  Tabakalera-Sala 1​
22.09  THU    20:30  T
abakalera-Sala 12
23.09  FRI     20:30  
Antiguo Berri, 7​
24.09  SAT    22:45  Trueba, 2​ 

Our team in San Sebastian:

Katarzyna Siniarska (18-22.09)
+48 698 900 936

Adam Kersh


Zoology in Toronto and Fantastic Fest August 17th, 2016 06:51

We are excited to announce that Director Ivan I. Tverdovsky’s latest film, Zoology, will have its North American Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on September 9 at 4:15PM and it’s U.S. Premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin.

The emotional drama with a supernatural twist is Tverdovsky’s second feature film after the successful drama Corrections Class, which also stars Natalya Pavlenkova. The film won over 35 prizes worldwide, including the East of the West Award at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2014. Zoology has already shown to be another festival hit for Tverdovsky by winning the Best Actress and Critic’s Prize at the Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival this year.


Our team in Toronto:

Jan Naszewski, 7-14 Sep,


International PR:

Brandy Fons, Cameron Cooper | Fons PR
C: (830) 570-5967


Quit Staring at my Plate in Venice Days Competition August 3rd, 2016 10:26

We are proud to announce that the Croatian-Danish drama QUIT STARING AT MY PLATE by Hana Jušić will compete in this year’s Venice Days. 


First feature by the Croatian director is a story of Marijana, whose dominant father falls seriously ill and she takes over his role as the head of the family, taking care of her irresponsible mother and mentally disabled older brother. The new power constellation allows her to explore her sexuality and her inner strength and gives her a taste of freedom.


The film introduces the actress Mia Petričević (first-time on screen) alongside Zlatko Burić (PUSHER, 2012).


Produced by Kinorama’s Ankica Jurić Tilić (THE HIGH SUN), in co-production with Beofilm (TEDDY BEAR), the film was developed in Torino Film Lab and presented in the 2015 Les Arcs Co-Production Village works in progress section.


International PR:


Viviana Andriani


tel : +33 1 42 66 36 35


The Last Family wins a prize in Locarno! July 19th, 2016 11:49

We are happy to announce that Andrzej Seweryn, who plays the painter Zdzisław Beksiński in the tragicomic saga THE LAST FAMILY by Jan P. Matuszyński won the prize for Best Actor at the Locarno IFF 2016 International Competition.

First fiction feature by the award-winning director (documentary DEEP LOVE) is based on the true story of surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński and his eccentric family - a group of peculiar personalities.

The film follows the family for over 28 years since their move from the province into a block of flats in Warsaw in 1977, partly by recreating their enormous archive of eccentric home videos. While Beksiński and his wife try to prevent their neurotic son from hurting himself, their life is defined by painting, a series of near-death experiences and changing trends in dance music. 
The Last Family features veteran actor Andrzej Seweryn (DANTON, SCHINDLER'S LIST, TOTAL ECLIPSE), David Ogrodnik (IDA, LIFE FEELS GOOD), Aleksandra Konieczna (TWISTS OF FATE, CHANGES) and Andrzej Chyra (IN THE NAME OF).
The film was produced by Aurum Film, in co-production with HBO Europe, Mazovia Film Fund, Lightcraft and Universal Music Poland. Polish distributor Kino Świat plans the domestic release in late September.



Ivan I. Tverdovsky's second feature film ZOOLOGY won the Special Jury Mention at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where it internatioanlly-premiered in the Main Competition. 

Film tells the story of middle-aged zoo worker Natasha still lives with her mother in a small coastal town. She is stuck and it seems that life has no surprises for her until one day… she grows a tail and turns her life around. Director's previous film CORRECTIONS CLASS  was his debut feature which won over 35 prizes worldwide.


Screen Internetional described the film as "thought-provoking contemporary fairytale peppered with bone-dry social satire..." and praised "...the freshness of Tverdosvky’s vision and the captivating central performance from Natalia Pavlenkova."

The festival also screened New Europe's 3 other films: After successful premiere in Semaine de la critique section, ONE WEEK AND A DAY  by Asaph Polonsky was screened in Another View section along with this year’s Berlinale Panorama title ALOYS by Tobias Noelle, while Silver Bear winner (Best Script) – UNITED STATES OF LOVE by Tomasz Wasilewski played in Horizons section.


Meet us in Cannes! Screenings Schedule May 8th, 2016 06:51

Meet us in Cannes on on May 10-18 - our office is located at the Grand Hotel, 9th floor (Polish Cinema Stand)


Our screenings in Cannes:




MON    16 MAY 18:00   OLYMPIA 5
WED    18 MAY 10:00   PALAIS C


WED   11 MAY 14:00   PALAIS G

ALOYS by Tobias Nölle  

TUE   17 MAY  09:30 AM   PALAIS F




"One Week and a Day" in Semaine de la Critique in Cannes! France sold to Sophie Dulac Distribution April 21st, 2016 12:13

Asaph Polonsky’s black comedy One Week and a Day was selected for this year’s Critics’ Week section of the Cannes Film Festival.


The film tells a story of a grieving father, who finishes the week of mourning for his late son and is urged by his wife to return to their routine. Instead, he gets high with a young neighbor and sets out to discover that there are still things in his life worth living for.


Produced by Naomi Levari and Saar Yogev of Black Sheep Film Productions One Week and a Day is a debut by the Israeli-American director Polonsky, who is an AFI graduate and former Student Academy Award nominee. The film was developed in the Jerusalem Film Lab and EAVE and won the 2015 Haifa FF Work in Progress Award. 


All French rights for for the film were picked up by Sophie Dulac Distribution.


"United States of Love" and "Aloys" win prizes at the Berlinale! January 12th, 2016 08:33

Both films presented by New Europe at the 66.Berlinale came back with important prizes.
Tomasz Wasilewski’s drama United States of Love, presented in the Main Competition at the 66.Berlinale won the Silver Bear for Best Script.

The third film by one of Poland’s most talented young directors, starring four top  Polish actresses was sold to ca. 20 countries during the European Film Market.


Set in Poland in 1990 – the country’s first euphoric year of freedom - the film tells a story of four women of different ages, who decide it’s time to change their lives, and fulfill their desires.


New Europe's other world premiere in the Panorama Special section - Aloys, directed by Tobias Nölle, starring Georg Friedrich (THE PIANO PLAYER, FAUST) bagged the prestigious FIPRESCI critics' prize in Berlin. The film was one of the discoveries at the festival and was sold to numerous territories in Europe and Asia.

It's a story of a lonely private investigator, who is contacted by a mysterious woman who pulls him into a mind game known as 'telephone walking'. Fascinated by her voice, Aloys discovers an imaginary universe that allows him to break out of his isolation.


Vote for Rams in the European Film Awards! December 3rd, 2015 08:26

Dear members of the European Film Academy, 
Our Icelandic-Danish film RAMS (Hrútar) by Grimur Hákonarson is nominated for the European Film Awards in the Best European Film category. 

The film is available at the EFA streaming page. We would be honored if you would consider watching it and voting for it in the European Film Awards and

View Trailer

View Film


New Film: The Here After, dir. Magnus Von Horn October 12th, 2015 12:31

We are proud to anounce our most recent acquisition - a Lava Films / Zentropa International Sweden Polish-Swedish-French production THE HERE AFTER by the Swedish debut director Magnus Von Horn, with exquisite cinematography by Oscar nominated Łukasz Żal (IDA), which premiered in Cannes Director's Fortnight this year.

The film also played at Karlovy Vary IFF, EFF Palic (Award: Best Director), San Sebastian IFF, BFI London FF (Nominated: Best First Feature) and Gdynia FF (Award: Best Director, Best Script, Best Editing).

We also handled Magnus' award-winning short film ECHO and are delighted to have him back in the New Europe family.


RAMS wins over 20 festivals including Zurich, Hamptons, Valladolid and Thessaloniki October 12th, 2015 12:25

The Icelandic Academy Awards candidate, Grimur Hakonarson’s Rams (Hrútar), since world premiering at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where it became the buzz of the sidebar sections and took the Un Certain Regard Award, RAMS has screened at international festivals, including the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Busan Film Festival, and AFI Fest, picking up over 20 awards.


List of Key Awards:
Prix Un Certain Regard / Cannes Film Festival 
Audience Award and Special Jury Award / Transilvania IFF
Golden Tower / European Film Festival Palic
Best European Film / Intʼl Cinematographers' Film Festival Manaki Brothers
Golden Eye / Zurich Film Festival
Best narrative feature / Hamptons IFF
Golden Spike and 'Pilar Miró' for best new Director/ Seminci Valladolid
Grand Prix Golden Angel / ​Tofifest IFF
Baltic Film Prize / Nordic Film Days Lübeck
Audience Award / Minsk IFF “Listapad”
Best Feature Film Award - Golden Alexander / Thessaloniki IFF
The Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film / Denver Film Festival
Kingfisher Award / Ljubljana IFF
Silver Frog for Sturla Brandt Grøvlen / Camerimage IFF

Iceland submits RAMS for the Best Foreign Language Oscar race September 8th, 2015 12:55

Grímur Hákonarson's film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Un Certain Regard Prize. It has also won the Special Jury Award and the Audience Award at the Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and  the Golden Tower for Best Film at the European Film Festival Palic in Serbia.

Furthermore, it was selected for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival in Colarado, USA, and Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Rams has also received a nomination for the European Parliament's LUX Prize and is among the 52 films on the European Film Academy's selection list for the European Film Awards.

The film has been sold to over 40 countries worldwide with most releases planned between November 2015 and February 2016. RAMS' U.S. distributor is Cohen Media Group.


New Europe picks up Mark Cousins’ I AM BELFAST September 8th, 2015 12:53

I Am Belfast  is a visual, poetic depiction of Belfast and its citizens, told with love and passion of someone, who has left the city many years ago but is still fascinated by it. Themes brought up in the film range from the landscapes surrounding the city, its changing architecture and social structure to the political and personal repercussions of the Northern Irish conflict. 

Directed by Mark Cousins, the acclaimed film curator and author of Story of Film, What Is This Film Called Love and The Story Of Children In Film, and shot by him and Christopher Doyle, I Am Belfast, features music by David Holmes and songs by Van Morrison, among others.  



​Rams by Grimur Hákonarson wins in Cannes, Transilvania and Palić May 23rd, 2015 20:23

​Rams by Grimur Hákonarson, after winning the Prix Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival and two prizes at the Transilvania IFF (Audience Award, Special Jury Prize) added another one from the European Film Festival Palić - Golden Tower for Best Film.

RAMS is a film about two brothers from a remote Icelandic farming valley, who haven't spoken in 40 years and now have to come together in order to save what’s dearest to them – their sheep.

It is a moving story about passion, the connection between man and nature, and the importance of family told against the backdrop of breathtaking Icelandic landscapes.

New Europe sold the film to over 30 countries around the world. Please, contact us to find out if your territory is still open.


RAMONA wins Canal+ Prize in Semaine de la Critique! May 22nd, 2015 20:20 We are proud to announce that New Europe represents the short film Ramona by Andrei Cretulescu, which won the Canal+ Award in the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.

Bridgend by Jeppe Rønde wins 3 awards@Tribeca FF April 24th, 2015 19:45 Danish-produced, Wales-set thriller starring Hannah Murray (Skins, God Help the Girl, Game of Thrones), Steven Waddington (The Imitation Game, Sleepy Hollow) and Josh O’Connor (The Riot Club) world-premiered in competition in Rotterdam FF.

After its U.S. premiere in World Narrative Competition at Tribeca FF the film won awards for Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

The film follows Sara and her dad Dave, who move to a village haunted by suicides among its young inhabitants. Sara falls dangerously in love with one of the teenagers, Jamie, while Dave, as the town’s new police officer, tries to stop the mysterious chain of suicides.

Cannes Market Scrrening: 16 MAY SAT 14:00 Palais E

My Father's Truck on the academy awards® shortlist! January 18th, 2015 17:39 We are proud to announce that the film ​My Father's Truck by Maurico Osaki is one of the 10 live action short films that have advanced in the voting process for the 87th Academy Awards® in the Best Short Film Live Action Category.

Brasil-born Mauricio studies Filmmaking at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singapore and shot My Father's Truck in Vietnam.

The film played at 63. Berlinale Generation, 30th Busan International Short Film Festival (Best Picture Award), Palm Springs Short (Best Student Film of US School), Huesca, Rio Film Festival, 36th Clermont-Ferrand IFF, Tampere IFF, Cinequest FF (Best Narrative Short Film), Brussels Short Film Fest (International Grand Prix Best Film), Brooklyn Film Festival (Best Short Film), among others.

Our new youth film - ONE NIGHT IN OSLO by Eirik Svensson (Norway) January 18th, 2015 17:39 We are pround to announce that we picked up the Norwegian youth film One Night in Oslo (Natt till 17) by Eirik Svensson from the producers Maipo Film AS (Elling, Happy Happy, Miss Julie).
One Night in Oslo is a story of 15 year-olds Sam and Amir, who have their friendship tested on the night before the Norwegian Day of Liberation. The film premiered at this year’s Giffoni Film Festival and had a box office of over 900.000 USD in Norway in 2014.
The acquisition is part of our company’s strategy to build a strong catalogue of smart films for children and youth audiences after the successful runs with Berlinale Generation winners: Latvian Mother I Love You by Janis Nords and Belgian Violet by Bas Devos.

Farewell Krzysztof Krauze (1953-2014) January 18th, 2015 17:39 We were very saddened by the news that Krzysztof Krauze, the co-director of Papusza passed away on 24th December after a long struggle with cancer. This is sad news for the Polish film industry and film culture. Krzysztof was one of the leading auteurs of Polish cinema and his films Debt, Saviour’s Square and My Nikifor are milestones of Polish cinematography.