We were counting days to the Venice Conference so we could share the news about BLANQUITA – and now the news are out!

Our Chilean gem produced by Quijote Films and co-produced with Varios Lobos, Tarantula, Bonne Pioche Cinema, and Madants will premiere at Venice International Film Festival this September! It’s Fernando Guzzoni’s 3rd film – after the success of DOG FLESH and JESUS he will present BLANQUITA in Orizzonti this year.

BLANQUITA is a story about an 18-year-old foster home resident, Blanca, who becomes the key witness in a scandal involving kids, politicians and rich men taking part in sex parties. But the more questions are asked, the less clear it becomes what is Blanca’s role in the scandal.

BLANQUITA is a Chile, México, Luxembourg, France, and Poland co-production.

Giancarlo Nasi from Quijote Films (WHITE ON WHITE, Best Director in Orizzonti) produces from Chile. Co-producers include Varios Lobos (Mexico), Tarantula (Luxembourg) and Bonne Pioche Cinema (France) and Madants (Poland), whose production lineup includes Claire Denis’ hit HIGH LIFE.

Blanca is played by Laura López and her on-screen mentor is portrayed by Alejandro Goic (FANTASTIC WOMAN, EL CLUB, NO). Cast also includes Amparo Noguera (EMA, FANTASTIC WOMAN), Marcelo Alonso (EL CLUB), Daniela Ramírez and Ariel Grandón.

The film was supported by Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage Chile, The Mexican Film Institute, Film Fund Luxembourg, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Hubert Bals Fund, Polish Film Institute.

Here’s the official Venice International Film Festival lineup