Gordon och Paddy

Directed by Linda Hambäck
Sweden | 2017 | 65 min | animation Swedish

The forest’s police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Paddy, a clever mouse with a great sense of smell seems to be the right candidate. Together they have to solve Gordon’s last case – the mystery of squirrel’s missing nuts. Could it be the fox that took them? Gordon and Paddy will soon find out.

Voices: Stellan Skarsgård as Gordon & Melinda Kinnaman as Paddy

Cast & Crew

Director: Linda Hambäck
Screenplay: Janne Vierth
Adaptation: Ulf Nilsson’s and Gitte Spee’s books with Gordon & Paddy
Cinematography: Elinor Bergman, Gabriel Mkrttchian
Editing: Elinor Bergman, Linda Hambäck, Hannes Knutsson
Voice cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Melinda Kinnaman, Felix Herngren
Producers: Linda Hambäck, Lina Jonsson

  • Linda Hambäck
    Linda Hambäck

Festivals & Awards

Festivals & Awards
Berlinale Generation
Beijing IFF
Kristiansand International Chrildren’s Film Festival
Zlin Film Festival
Sarajevo Film Festival
Turku Animated Film Festival
Buster International Children Film Festival
BFI London
Busan International Film Festival
Tromsö Junior Film festival
Cinemagic Belfast
Festival du nouveau cinéma

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Linda Hambäck

Linda Hambäck, born 1974, is a Swedish film director and owner of the production company LEE Film. She works mainly with animated films for children, recently works such as Bajsfilmen (2016), Tänk om… (2014) as she co-directed with Marika Heidebäck. But she has also directed a short documentary, FIGHTING SPIRIT (2013). Before her directing debut she had a long background with producing highly acclaimed shorts.

2018 Gordon & Paddy
2013 Fighting Spirit