Directed by Karni & Saul
UK, Hungary | 20 minutes | 2012 | English

A dark fantastical tale in which a man enters into a pact with all the insect inhabitants of his rural cottage. Dripping with honey, sex, flies, meat… and a very sticky end.


Director: Karni & Saul
Screenwriter: Karni & Saul
Cinematography: Mátyás Erdély
Editing: Nicolas Chaudeurge
Animation: Sulkybunny
Producer: Alison Sterling

  • Karni and Saul
    Karni and Saul

Festivals & Awards
Clermont Ferrand
London Short Film Fest
Cinematheque Tel Aviv
ECU European Independent Film Festival
European Film Festival of Lille
Rome Independent Film Fest
Brussels Short Film Festival
Sofia International Film Fest
Belgrade Short Film Fest
Kyiv International Short Film Festival
Palm Springs Short Fest


Karni and Saul

Directing duo Karni and Saul.

They have been working together since 2005 , merging Karni’s atmospheric photographic style with Saul’s fantastical animated elements to create music videos, commercials and short films. In 2010 Karni & Saul showcased their short film TURNING, which then went onto feature at many festivals worldwide winning three, and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2011. Their new short film FLYTOPIA, commissioned by film4. Based on a dark, fantastical Will Self story, with original score by Adrian Utley , is showing in festivals worldwide. They are currently represented for commercial work at Aardman and are developing their first feature film.