Ikki illa meint

Directed by Andrias Høgenni
Faroe Islands, Denmark | 21 min | 2019 | drama Faroese, Danish

Elinborg accidentally runs into her friend Marita at the grocery store. The conversation is civil yet slightly awkward, as Elinborg has forgotten Marita´s birthday. After a timide hug, they both return to their shopping. However, something is nagging Marita, who decides to corner her friend and ask if Elinborg has blocked her on Facebook?
Soon the grocery store turns into a nightmarish maze, as Marita desperately tries to find out, why she has “lost a friend”.

Writer & Director: Andrias Høgenni
DoP: Jan Bastian Muñoz Marthinsen
Producer: Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard

Mariann Hansen, Sissal Drews Hjaltalin, Niels Dampe

  • Andrias Høgenni
    Andrias Høgenni
    Faroe Islands

Festival & Awards
Semaine de la Critique 2019 – Canal+ Award

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Andrias Høgenni
Faroe Islands

Andrias Høgenni is a filmmaker from the Faroe Islands who is currently based in Denmark. He got his start working freelance for Faroese national television while directing short films in his spare time. In 2009 Andrias uprooted himself and moved to Denmark, where he started on the Fuenen film programme 18 FRAMES. Andrias has since studied at the alternative and prestigious Danish film school SUPER16 from which his first year project BREAK IN, won awards at several international festivals. IKKI ILLA MEINT is Andrias’ graduation film from SUPER16 and follows his fancy for telling intimate stories in claustrophobic environments. He has a deep desire to explore Faroese culture, which has been severely underrepresented in an international context. Andrias is currently developing his feature film debut, which will be shot on the Faroe Islands.