Directed by Sacha Polak
The Netherlands, United Kingdom | 102 min | 2023 | Drama | English

23-year-old Franky is a nurse who lives with her large family in an East London borough. Obsessed with a thirst for revenge and a need to assign guilt for a traumatic event that happened 15 years before, she is unable to build any meaningful relationship until she falls in love with one of her patients – Florence. They escape to the coast where Florence lives with her more open-minded patchwork family. There, Franky finds the emotional shelter to deal with the grudges of the past.


Director: Sacha Polak
Screenplay: Sacha Polak
Cinematography: Tibor Dingelstad
Editing: Lot Rossmark
Production Design: Elena Isolini
Music / Composer:
Ella van der Woude, Joris Oonk
Sound on set: Job Michel
Sound design: 
Jan Schermer

Production company: Viking Film, EMU Films

Cast: Vicky Knight, Esmé Creed-Miles, Charlotte Knight, Archie Brigden, Angela Bruce

With financial support of:
Netherlands Filmfund, Netherlands Production Incentive, BBC Films, The Jokers (French distribution), Cinéart (Benelux distribution), UK Tax Credit

  • Sacha Polak
    Sacha Polak

Festivals & Awards

  • Berlinale Panorama 2023 – Teddy Award for Vicky Knight
  • Crossing Europe Film Festival – Panorama

press quotes

“Knight is a compelling and fiercely persuasive performer”
“an explosive combination”
“handsomely shot”
“various elements of Franky’s life are intensely felt and authentic”


“Polak and Knight create an emotionally resonant film about forgiveness and finding peace via self-reflexive storytelling.”
”Knight is a natural born actress and the camera (captured by DP Tibor Dingelstad) adores her”
“SILVER HAZE is a great little gem and the first great discovery of 2023.”

Screen Anarchy

“Silver Haze makes a powerful statement in favour of celebrating individuality and acknowledging that beauty is far more than just what we can see at the surface level.”
“Polak tells the powerful and heartbreaking story”

”Beneath the very simple narrative is a powerful story about broader social issues – the film looks at queerness in a unique and compassionate way, with the relationship between the two protagonists being framed as one driven by not only desire, but acceptance.”

“Silver Haze makes a powerful statement in favour of celebrating individuality and acknowledging that beauty is far more than just what we can see at the surface level.”

ICS Film

Sacha Polak

Sacha Polak (1982, Amsterdam) is an award-winning director and writer. She graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 2006. Her first two feature films HEMEL (2012) and ZURICH (2014) received great critical acclaim from the international press. They were both selected at many international film festivals, HEMEL won the FIPRESCI award (International Federation of Film Critics Award) at the Berlinale Forum and ZURICH the International Confederation of Art Cinema Award (C.I.C.E.A award), the jury price for Best Film of Berlinale’s Forum. Her latest feature DIRTY GOD, about a young mother who is the victim of an acid attack, premiered in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition of Sundance 2019 and was the opening film of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019. After finishing DIRTY GOD, Sacha directed a block of episodes for Season 2 of HANNAH for Amazon. Her newest feature film is called SILVER HAZE

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