Planta Permanente

Directed by Ezequiel Radusky
Argentina, Uruguay | 86 min 2019 | drama | Spanish

For 30 years Lila has been a cleaner in a provincial municipality building. She’s an important figure in the office’s carefully knit society because of the unofficial staff cafeteria, which she runs together with her friend Marcela. When Lila gets the opportunity to refurbish the lunchroom and run it officially as the boss, this sudden elevation of her status causes Marcela’s envy and starts a slow decay of the office’s delicate status quo.


Director: Ezequiel Radusky
Scrpitwriters: Ezequiel Radusky, Diego Lerman
Cinematography: Lucio Bonelli
Editor: Valeria Racioppi
Music: Maximiliano Silveira
Cast: Liliana Juarez, Rosario Blefari, Verónica Perrota, Sol Lugo, Vera Nina Suárez

Producers: Campo Cine – Diego Lerman, Nicolás Avruj

  • Ezequiel Radusky
    Ezequiel Radusky

Festivals & Awards
Mar del Plata – Best Actress Award

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Ezequiel Radusky

Ezequiel Radusky was born in 1981 in San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina).

He is a film director, screenwriter and actor. His first feature film “The Owners” was screened at the 52nd Cannes – Semaine de la Critique in 2013, where he got the special mention from the great Jury. His new project, “The Lunchroom” won best project at the Europe Latin America Co-production VI Forum at San Sebastian Film Festival in 2017, got a special mention at the screenplay competition of the 39th International Latin America New Film Festival in Havana (2017), and won the co-production Ibermedia Fund in 2018.