Hai Bian Sheng Qi Yi Zuo Xuan Ya / 海边升起一座悬崖

Directed by Story Chen
China | 15 minutes | 2022 Chinese

When an asteroid hits the Earth, underwater volcanic eruptions risk submerging a riverside town and the inhabitants start to flee inland. The day before leaving, Nian says goodbye to a childhood friend but on her way she crosses paths with some of the town’s residents. Gradually, her memories of the town start to become clearer and clearer in her mind.

Director: Story Chen
Screenwriter: Xiao Zimuhua
Director of Photography: Xi Bing
Production Designer: Wang Yi
Sound Designer: Feng Yanming Zhang Yancheng
Editing Consultant: Qin Yanan
Editor: Du Junlin
Music: Oliver Mayo
Costume Designer: Huang Zixian
Special Effects: Yang Sen Li Xiangchen
Presenter:  Zhou Hao
Executive Producer:  Shan Zuolong
Producer: Li Xiaoyuan

CastAnnabel YAO, Taiwen ZHANG, Rongxi Li

  • Story Chen
    Story Chen

Festivals & Awards

Cannes 2022 Short Film Competition (Winner: Palme d’Or)

Toronto IFF

Stockholm IFF

Melbourne IFF

Philadelphia FF

Guanajuato IFF

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Story Chen

Born in China in 1995, Story Chen is a writer director with expertise in films, commercials, and music videos. She graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts majoring in FILM&TV with a minor in psychology.

Her two student short films made at NYU Tisch has won her many awards.  A Woman’s Gaze has won Best Drama Short at Hollywood International Film Festival. Her thesis short film Marina has won Best International Short at Norwegian International Short Film Festival.

Her own identity as a hybrid of Eastern and Western culture cultivates her keen eye on prevailing themes of humanity, transcending cultural and racial differences. She focuses on depicting the emotional struggles of real life. Her stories also put a spotlight on minorities like Asian women, LGBTQ and children.

Currently, Story is based in New York and Beijing. She has been selected by Asian Film Academy Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in 2018.

1st feature on writing process


2021,Drunk of Sun (4min 16mm film experimental) Grand Jury Award at New York International Film Awards

2018,Marina (15min Short Fiction) Best Actress, NYC Independent Film Festival

Best Student Short, LA Independent Film Festival Awards

Best International Short, Norwegian International Short Film Festival

2016, A Woman’s Gaze (18min Short Fiction)

Best Drama Short, Hollywood International Film Festival