We are happy to introduce our latest acquisition – Gustavo Pizzi’s Brazil/Uruguay drama LOVELING (BENZINHO), recently selected as the opening film of Sundance’s World Dramatic Competition.

The film is a story of Irene, who lives on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. When her teenage son is offered to play handball professionally in Germany, she has only a few days to overcome her anxiety and regain her inner confidence before sending him out into the world.

LOVELING is the second film by Gustavo Pizzi after his SXSW-selected CRAFT (RISCADO). It is written by the director together with Karine Teles (known for the popular 2015 Sundance film SECOND MOTHER), who also plays the main role of Irene. The film also stars established Brazilian actors Adriana Esteves, who plays her sister Sonia, and Otavio Muller as Irene’s husband Klaus. The cast is completed by the popular Uruguayan actor Cesar Troncoso.

LOVELING was produced by Tatiana Leite at Bubbles Project (which recently produced PENDULAR, FIPRESCI award at Berlinale Panorama 2017) and coproduced by Rodrigo Letier, Agustina Chiarino and Fernando Epstein. Coproduction companies were TvZero, Mutante Cine, Baleia Filmes, Canal Brasil and Telecine.