• Never Like The First Time!

Never Like The First T...

Aldrig Som Första Gången

Jonas Odell, Sweden, 2006

Type: Animation, Documentary, Short Film
Prod. Year: 2006
Running Time: 15 min.
Language: Swedish
Production Company: FilmTecknarna
Country: Sweden
Type of material: DigiBeta
Synopsis: Four people get to tell the story of their "first time", an animated film based on documentary interviews. Stories range from contemporary to the 1920's, from comedy to tragedy, and are remembered with nostalgia, embarrassment and even horror.

Prizes & Festivals:

- Gothenburg IFF, 2006, Best Film
- Drama International Short Film Festival, 2006, Best Film
- Tallinn Film Festival, 2006, Best Film
- Cork IFF, 2006, Best Film
- Lissabon Film Festival, 2006, Best Short Film
- The Guldbagge Award, 2007, Best Short Film
- Berlinale IFF, 2006, Golden Bear
- Winterthur International Short Film Festival, 2006, Grand Prix
- Cork IFF, 2006, Prix UIP