Directed by Ishan Shukla
India | 14 minutes | 2016 | English

In the city of Bag-heads, a senate member faces a tough choice between political career, brothels and love for a mysterious woman. A choice that will transform his life and the city in unimaginable ways.


Director: Ishan Shukla
Producer: Sharad Varma
Animation: Yiming Lim, Milan Padhiyar, Nicholas Agatha Wiwobo, Ishan Shukla

Original Score: Nicolas Titeux

  • Ishan Shukla
    Ishan Shukla

Festivals & Awards

Göteborg Film Festival
ASIFA South Animation Festival
Anima Mundi
Oaxaca Film Festival
LA Shorts Fest

Ishan Shukla

Ishan is an award winning Indian CG Artist and Filmmaker.
After he worked in the Singaporean animation industry for several years he came back to India and managed to finish his first short film single-handedly. The film became the first Indian animated short to get long listed for the Academy Awards followed by a tremendous reception at more than 120 international festivals.
Ishan Shukla has now set up his own animation studio to work on highly personal and artistic adult oriented animated feature films aimed at both an arthouse and broad audience.

2016 Schirkoa, animated short