Directed by Ivaylo Minov
Bulgaria | 19 minutes | 2014 | Bulgarian

Irina is under pressure. She has something very important to attend to, but she is running out of time. Rushing to do her groceries, she will have to put an end to a love affair… and survive a car accident. Bruised and slightly late, Irina finally gets home, where her husband anxiously awaits her return.


Director: Ivaylo Minov
Screenwriter: Ivaylo Minov
Cinematography: Orlin Ruevski
Editing: Alexander Etimov
Producer: Stela Pavlova

  • Ivaylo Minov
    Ivaylo Minov

Festivals & Awards
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Glasgow Short Film Festival
Vilnius International Short Film Festival
Filmfest Dresden
Golden Rose Film Festival
Sofia International Film Festival

Ivaylo Minov

Ivaylo Minov has been directing for the past ten years. He worked as a journalist before gaining experience in the film industry as casting director, first and second AD and location manager. He graduated from the London Film Academy in 2007. His main work currently takes place in the field of short films and TV commercials. He’s an established commercial director with several years of experience on the Bulgarian market. In 2014, he has completed his latest short film PARKING.

He is currently writing extensively for his debut feature. He maintains keen interest in theatre, directing plays by William Shakespeare, Yordan Radichkov and Kamen Donev for the independent group “Kunkurigashtite Pemperugi”, at various venues in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2011, he established his own production company, Morning Glory Film Ltd. Ivaylo lives in Sofia and London.

2014 Parking, short
2012 Lunch Break, short
2012 The Ground Beneath Her Feet, short
2009 The First, short
2007 The Rabbit and the Woodcutter, short
2006 Beautiful Burglar, short
2004 Hat and Telephone Date, short