Directed by Ben Pearce

England | 14 minutes | 2021 | No dialogue

The year is 1910. Two arctic explorers, Ted and Eric, find themselves trapped inside their tent with a ravenous polar bear roaming outside. But as food supplies dwindle, they quickly realise the beast lying in wait outside isn’t the only carnivore they need to be concerned about.


Director: Ben Pearce
Script: Ben Pearce
Cinematography: Simon Reay
Production Design: Soraya Gilanni
Music: Billy Jupp
Sound Design: Matt Waites
Editing: Margred Pryce
Costumes: Sharon Long
Hair & Make-Up: Chloe Edwards 

Production: Diarmuid Hughes

Cast: Toby Jones, Ivanno Jeremiah

  • Ben Pearce
    Ben Pearce

Festivals & Awards

Premiere TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival 2021

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Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce is a London born filmmaker.
His work includes: A Few Miles South 2021, Waterloo 2020, Nurtured 2019 and Silent Woods 2012. All of which have screened internationally and garnered him a number of awards. He is a member of BFI Bafta Crew and is currently developing a number of film and TV projects, including his debut feature for Revolution Films. Prior to this, Ben studied filmmaking at UCA before beginning his career working for filmmakers such as David Yates, Bryan Burk and David Koepp on films including Star Wars, Mission Impossible and JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts.


A Few Miles South (2021)
Waterloo (2020)
Nurtured (2019)
Silent Woods (2012)