We believe in developing future audiences and we want to introduce young viewers to the best films for children – shorts, animations and feature films. Many of our films have played in the Berlinale Generation competition and other leading children festivals.


by Linda Hambäck

Behind the Curtain

by Teemu Nikki


by Megha Ramaswamy

Charlie the Snowman

by Petr Vodicka

Once Upon a Line

by Alicja Jasina

Odd Is an Egg

by Kristin Ulseth


by Endre Skandfer

Fruits of Clouds

by Kateřina Karhánková

Isle of Seals

by Edmunds Jansons

Kill Your Dinner

by Bryn Chainey

The Great Magician

by Elisabet Gustafsson

The Last Bus

by Ivana Laucikova & Martin Snopek

The Game

by Marcin Janiec

Superman, Spiderman or Batman

by Tudor Giurgiu


by Kristof Deák