Kristin Ulseth

Kristin Ulseth

Kristin Ulseth (b. 1968) has a BA in Film and Photography from Harrow College, University of Westminster in London. She has worked professionally in the Norwegian and Nordic film and television industry since early 90s doing a wide range of work on shorts, creative documentaries, TV-drama and feature films. In 2008 she started producing at Maipo Film, making the 360° animation project Alfie Atkins with an animated TV-series, feature film and app-game in 2013, and the live action feature Gilbert’s Grim Revenge, and the app-game Gilbert’s Eggggg in 2016. Odd is an Egg is her first animated short film as a director.

Odd is an Egg (2016)

Odd is an Egg, animation, 2016